Fanny-Jane is a multi-disciplinary artist. Highly influenced by her work as a tattoo artist, a neon maker and her passion for lights of all genre, Fanny-Jane combines these elements to create sculptural experiences. Instead of using light to highlight a color or a shape, she uses the light as the shape and the color. Using different materials like: fibers, found objects and recycled plastic, the artist focuses on the lines and shapes of the light and how the material can affect or react surprisingly with its movement.

The goal of this scientific and artistic endeavor, is to help the viewer be present in the moment, to feel empathic towards the objects presented and to make them curious. The process is very important and starts with care. Caring about objects or material, seeing the interesting aspects they reflect onto the world and combining them together to create a magical experience people can relate to. Most of her works are a request to step away from intellect, an invitation to soak in their intuition, even if it is to intellectualize it afterwards.